Bowl Blanks!

Bowl Blanks!

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These limbs were a good size for some pretty useful utility style bowls, so i decided I'd dedicate a good portion of them to that purpose.  I really enjoy the character of a natural edge bowl, and they are challenging to turn as well because you're cutting air half of the time (will post a video on that later).

I think i'll do some hollow forms and off-axis turning with them many possibilities!

I try to plan out a lot of them, so i'm sure to make good use of the wood.  But i like to also just "cut some" and start turning without too much intent.  Part of this process for me is letting the wood take me where it wants to go.  So sometimes you just need to put it on and start turning, and see where it ends up.

So on with the chaps and safety gear, and let the sawdust fly!  Time to load 'em up on the sawbuck and process some blanks!

Hmmm...a good size for some live edge bowls, me thinks...
Load 'em up on the sawbuck and get this show on the road!