Tree Down!

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IMG_0888We came home from the grocery store the other day and to find a tree laying across the yard!  It wasn’t windy at all, but I guess it decided it was time to come down…  It looked like the base of the tree was damaged when the must have removed a leaning trunk a few years ago to make room for the driveway.

The cutting appeared to give insects some easy access, and they made quick work of the already leaning trunk.  Looks to me like it won’t be long before the other trunk is down too.  🙁

in any case, we processed it the next morning and now i’ve got piles of black oak to turn.  Some of it looks to have some nice burls and insect distress, so maybe i’ll get lucky to find some interesting grain in there.  It’s often the ugliest wood on the outside that’s the prettiest and most interesting on the inside.



Gotta get to it while it’s still wet!IMG_0887

There certainly major insect damage, but we didn’t find any insects in the tree, and i think it’s because of a HUGE spider that was in there that must have been feasting on the ants.  i wasn’t looking for one, and it really surprised me!

Here’s his house. This piece in particular looks interesting. Was thinking about a hollow form from this…maybe something artful…some spiderwebs engraved maybe.  Was thinking i’d call the piece “Happy Eviction”…or something like that.  Will see where it goes.