Wood and People

Wood and People

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I was thinking the other day as i was looking for wood to rough turn that the most beautiful wood and most interesting wood on the inside is usually the ugliest and most damaged on the outside.  It's like the tree has to go through some hardship to develop a beautiful character.  And as i thought more about it, I decided the same is true for people, as well.

It's the crotch where the trunk divides, like it's torn apart making a difficult decision about which way to grow, that has the best feather grain.

It's the side of the leaning trunk that's grown under constant strain, holding the weight of the tree and resisting it's movements in the blowing wind and heavy snow that develops the best figure.

It's the time ravaged, pin-holed, decayed, and stained cast away wood, unfit for furniture and even firewood, that has the most beautiful color and story.

And it's the cancerous and 'scar-tissue' burls that's are most prized of all.  These wonderfully intricate patterns of fight and struggle reveal a beauty that's only possible through the ugly struggle from which it develops.

I think about my friends that are fighting and winning struggles with cancer.  And I think about my friends who are scarred with wounds and burls from their own stories of pain and triumph against what life has thrown at them.  And I'm reminded that it's these struggles and life experiences that make us beautiful and interesting too.

Be kind out there people.  

Ugly scar on the outside, amazing beauty on the inside...
The dividing tree is torn apart, and the result is really stunning grain!
Stressed wood makes figure, and it's the figure that makes it beautiful...