Today’s Tiny RAK

Today’s Tiny RAK

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Kindness doesn’t have to be big.  it only has to have intent.  That’s the key…you have to intend to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter with your action.

We usually do our weekly shop at Aldi, and one of my favorite things about the store is the quarter cart return they use.  You have to push in a quarter to unlock the chain and get your cart, and then you get it back when you return your cart and push the chain back in.  I guess it’s to motivate folks to bring their carts back to the corral at the front of the store, and must save them a bundle on cart replacement!  I wonder if it’s the 25 cents that motivates folks to be civilized and return their carts from where they got them, or if it’s the peer pressure that no one else is leaving their cart in the lot so they should bring theirs back too.  Either way, works like a charm.  Their parking lot is always tidy.

627438So I look forward to shopping each week so I can return my cart but leave my quarter in the slot.  It’s a really small thing, of course…but I always imagine the next shopper doing the baby fist-pump expression when they discover they’ve won the lottery and got a free cart this time!  We’ve been the recipient of the free cart once or twice, and I always do a hands-in-the-air touchdown celebration to show my appreciation. It’s really like winning the lottery.  Someone else left their intention of kindness out there, and you were lucky enough to receive it.

Little things matter folks.  Look for reasons to be kind – they are literally everywhere.