So Busy!!

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The fall is super busy…leaves to rake, wood to turn (Christmas is coming!), bonfires to light, and beers to drink with old and new friends.  So far, this fall has been spectacular…and super busy!  That means no time for blogging and telling y’all about what we’ve been up to.  Sorry about that!  To be honest, I’ve been concentrating on trying to just live life instead of being behind this computer all the time…so I’ve been purposely slacking on my blogging duties to trade the time for better pursuits.

Since starting the site, we’ve sold a few bowls. (Thanks for your support!)  And that that money, we’ve been enjoying doing big (for us) and little Random Acts of Kindness whenever we get the opportunity.  We’ve done a couple backpack supply bags for homeless folks in Tampa, and we’ve donated to various fund raisers (Like the Bulldog Scramble, and some foster programs).  A big RAK for us went to a very deserving organization working to help military heroes return from combat.  We urge you to check out the The Raider Project and show them support.

With my wife and I working from home, and 2 small kids – we’re realizing we don’t get out much!  A big outing for us this week was a trip to Lowes for some new light bulbs!  With our boring lives, we find ourselves RAKing at the Dunkin drive through on a regular basis.  Very fun to see the initial confused look on the driver behind us as we pull away and they are handed a card…and then the smile as they realize coffee is on us today!  We don’t blog about it because for you, the same Dunkin’ RAK photos might be a little boring.  For us and the recipients, it’s a big smile every time.

Kindness is contagious.  If I’ve learned anything from this effort over the past few months, it’s that people want to do good, kindness works, and all the time and energy is very, very worth it.

Christmas is coming.  We hope you’ll remember to spread some kindness and love around, and help those who have forgotten how to enjoy life to remember what a smile feels like.  (And if you need a gift for a special friends, maybe look our way so we can spread some joy and kindness RAKs too!)

Thanks for your support, friends.

It’s working.