Why we RAK – Oxytocin

Why we RAK – Oxytocin

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Our brains are just a big chemistry set, and our moods, thoughts, and behaviors are just electro-chemical reactions from stuff floating around in our heads.

Pretty cool, right?  Go Science!

The trick is that we get to control the chemicals and the reactions…you actually get to DECIDE what kind of feelings you are having.  You get to observe events, and then there’s a split second where you get to decide how you react to it.  So if you want to be happy, you can learn to interpret events in a way to release the happy chemicals in your brain.  An soon, it’ll snowball into a positive, happy view of the world.  It’s really that simple…

In this cool video, popular leadership speaker Simon Sinek describes how endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin drive our behaviors, and how they affect the people around us.  Although it’s a little long and is focused on corporate leadership stuff, it’s worth the watch (cue it up on your phone on your drive home) to learn a little about how brain chemicals drive behavior.

Pay particular attention minute 33, where he describes the oxytocin boost that occurs from acts of kindness.


So it’s pretty simple, we do RAKs because it makes people feel good, and also it makes us feel good.  And we always see a big smile come across the cashier’s face when we pay for someone’s grocery order, or on the face of our server when we pick up someone’s tab at a restaurant…so that’s at least 3 people who get a dump of serotonin from one act of kindness.

Three for the price of one!  Pretty good.  that’s how you spread kindness.