I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m an engineer, and I’m a hobby woodturner.

I’ve got a wonderful wife and two beautiful kids, and I want to raise them in environment of love, positivity, and boundless potential in the world around them.

The world is changing so quickly.  The news, the radio, and now the internet – so much is just media driven fear and self-doubt.  The world is ending, the sky is falling, the thieves and murderers are at your door!   Buy this car so she’ll like you, use this makeup so you’re beautiful enough…

We’re bombarded with negativity and pressure everywhere we turn.  So the goal of this site, this TurnItForward endeavor, is to be a counterpoint to that negativity.  To enable a few smiles.  To remind people that there is kindness in the world.  And to encourage people to share love and spread kindness with those around them.








We read our kids stories, and the Lorax challenges, if not you, then who?

So I hear Dr. Seuss’ call to action, and this site is my response.  Someone has to care a whole awful lot. Might as well be me…







My daughter, Bella, is beautiful and kind.  She’s naturally concerned for her classmates, her family, and anyone she sees around her.  And she’s selfless.  She instinctively looks to give to ease their struggles, no matter how big or small.  She’ll carry the heaviest grocery bag so mommy doesn’t have to struggle with the rest, she shares her toys with friends before they ask for them.

At an Easter egg hunt this spring, we met a family who arrived late and were scurrying towards the field in hopes of the egg hunt.  As my wife and I told the parents how the hunt was over and the eggs were all found, she stepped forward without hesitation and dumped half of her Easter basket into their son’s basket.  “You can have some of mine, I have enough.”


“I have enough…”


For me, this was a profound lesson in how I want to live my life.  My 5 year old, teaching me about kindness, sharing, and contentment.  To have enough…

A lot of woodturners have websites where they sell their creations.  These pieces can take 10, 20, and even 40 hours to create, and these artists certainly deserve the high dollar they get for their time and skills.  I contemplated such a site for a while, as well.  My family could certainly use the extra income for this and that…  We’re comfortable but not saving enough, we’re happy with what we have, but there’s always bigger and better. So when is enough?  Where does it stop?  Then Bella showed me what should do with my hobby.

I should pay it forward…or rather, turn it forward.  I should share it without hesitation, because I have enough.  I have some eggs in my basket, and I can share them.

So my goal with this site is three-fold.

  • The first is for me.  I want to foster personal contentment by giving away my woodturning time and effort.
  • The second is for my family.  I want to enable a lifestyle of sharing, being kind, and helping others.
  • And the third is for the world.  I want to spread joy, remind people that there is good in the world, and that people are kind.

Sure, I could just turn wood and make some stuff and give it away.,,

“This guy gave me this pretty bowl, I keep it on my counter.  It holds my keys and cell phone and is really pretty to look at…”

Yuck, that’s pretty boring.  Sure, it’s nice to give stuff away, but there’s no impact there.  There’s only a gift with no connection.  Yeah, we do acts of kindness now, and sure, you can absolutely do them without money.  But money facilitates action, and its action that’s impactful here.  My goal for this site is to enable more action!

So I intend to sell my work, and then take that money and turn it directly into Random Acts of Kindness.  This satisfies my goals – sure I’m taking money for the work, but then I’m giving it away in a different form.  In a form of action.  So in essence, I’m trading my time and effort for the opportunity to encourage more people to pay more forward than I otherwise could.

I hope to cause just a few people to pause, and remember there is good in the world.  To remember that people are kind, and to have an impact on them them, if not just for an afternoon or a few days.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you can remind yourself that the world is filled with wonder and kindness, and when you can, that you help spread that kindness around.