Why we RAK – Oxytocin

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Our brains are just a big chemistry set, and our moods, thoughts, and behaviors are just electro-chemical reactions from stuff floating around in our heads. Pretty cool, right?  Go Science! The trick is that we get to control the chemicals … Read More

So Busy!!

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The fall is super busy…leaves to rake, wood to turn (Christmas is coming!), bonfires to light, and beers to drink with old and new friends.  So far, this fall has been spectacular…and super busy!  That means no time for blogging … Read More

Coffee RAKs!

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Sending out a bowl this morning to Mesa, AZ.  Ran through Dunkin on the way to the post office.  Perfect time to do a couple quick RAKs in the drive through and pick up a big box of munchkins for … Read More

Seashells by the Sea Shore

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Bella continues to remind me to find beauty in everything. Every time we hit the beach, she likes to pick up the shells and stones like all 5 year olds do.  We have a 1-item limit when it’s time to … Read More

Today’s Tiny RAK

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Kindness doesn’t have to be big.  it only has to have intent.  That’s the key…you have to intend to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter with your action. We usually do our weekly shop at Aldi, and one of … Read More

Garbage Clean-Up!

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We live on a bit of a back road, so littering seems to be pretty frequent here.  It’s frustrating, but makes for many opportunities to talk to the kids about the environment, recycling, being respectful of others and our planet, … Read More

Today’s RAK – Clothing Donations

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We’re late cleaning closets this year from the winter-spring clothing changover, but hey..we’ve got kids!  We’re late with everything… i went on an Ebay spending spree a few months back and tried to buy a bunch of new jeans.  Mine … Read More

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