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When I started this hobby, I knew that I wanted to turn bigger and better stuff, and I knew my first lathe was just an introductory machine to get me started.  But there are many skills and techniques that I … Read More

Wood and People

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I was thinking the other day as i was looking for wood to rough turn that the most beautiful wood and most interesting wood on the inside is usually the ugliest and most damaged on the outside.  It’s like the … Read More

Bowl Blanks!

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These limbs were a good size for some pretty useful utility style bowls, so i decided I’d dedicate a good portion of them to that purpose.  I really enjoy the character of a natural edge bowl, and they are challenging … Read More

Tree Down!

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We came home from the grocery store the other day and to find a tree laying across the yard!  It wasn’t windy at all, but I guess it decided it was time to come down…  It looked like the base … Read More

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