Blue Wave Bowl

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Blue Wave Bowl

  • 9-inch diameter
  • 2-inches high
  • Cottonwood with anailine dyes
  • Finished with walnut oil and carnauba wax

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This unique “blue wave” bowl looks like you’re starring down the pipe of a big curling wave about to break.  As the branch pushed out through the wood, it rippled and curled the grain around it into the striking feature you see in the images.  It’s colored with built up layers aniline dye in various shades of blues and greens, which give it that varying color effect in different light.  Sometimes it’s a little more aqua, some times it’s a darker greenish blue – it all depends on the background light and the angle you’re at which you are viewing.  The wood has some spalting, which adds to the underlying elements, and the rim was left natural color to contrast the main body of the piece.