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The Chive Charities is a big reason why I made this site.  I believe them to be one of the real, legit charities out there today.  With so many people wanting your money for all of the world's problems, it's hard to see through all of the layers of political bullshit and corporate overhead that surround a lot of the "traditional" charity organizations.

But the Chive Charities is different.  They are transparent, and they hold themselves accountable by showing you directly how they do good and spread kindness

Their flash charity campaigns are effective, and they show you exactly how much you are raising for that special recipient.  The fundraising is in the recipient's name, and the money goes to them.  And then, they show you the result...

  • "Remember how you donated for a wheelchair van last month?  Here's a follow-up story on how the family is using that van to go to the park..."  
  • "Remember how we raised money to widen those doors in this house, and you all blew the goal out of the water?  Well, here's the widened doors, and the wheelchair shower, and the second story on the house for that family..."  
  • "Remember that Veteran who gave us more than we asked?  Here's the road being cut to the PTSD center he was trying to build...

I really dig these guys.  They'll be receiving some TurnItForward dollars for sure. 

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Hull Forest Products is a local sawmill that provides me with some of my turning wood.  I pick up what I can from the side of the road, and it's everywhere up here in northeast Connecticut.  But the kind folks at Hull support this site by providing me with additional timber (and highly prized crotches and burls!) for turning.  I initially reach out to Hull because they are clearly conscious about their logging and forestry operation.  I can get behind folks who are selectively using our resources while looking toward the future with conservation and preservation effort.

The generous folks at Hull were eager to support the Turn It Forward concept. If you're the market for wood products - especially high quality wide-plank flooring, please give them a look!

Contrarian Approach to the Highland Games



Mindy and I competed for many years in track and field and the highland games.  This is a training book and DVD that we created with tips and techniques for training.  It's probably the biggest "sponsor" of this site so far, because the sales from that effort is what has funded this project so far.  🙂  If you're interested in the Scottish games and want to see us throw some stuff around, check out this link.